What Others are Saying

Laura and Ed Blatchford are excellent and hardworking agents that, for us, went above and beyond in representing our home. When our house didn’t sell in time to coordinate with our move to Wyoming, they volunteered to watch over the house and make sure it was always well cared for and showed well to prospective buyers. Now, 5 months after we moved to Wyoming the sale of the house closed and Laura and Ed took care of everything, so we didn’t even have to travel back to CA to support the close. And this is just one example of their excellent service in representing the sale of our home. If you want agents that are always there for you, and always watching out for your best interests, we would highly recommend Laura and Ed Blatchford!

- Dan Barber

I've used Laura and Ed Blatchford for multiple transactions. I highly recommend them! From listing to closing I felt informed and never worried about anything. Professional service is what you get! I look forward to my next transaction with the Blatchford's!!

- Paul Brunskow

Laura and Ed Blatchford have been so accommodating to us when we were looking for a second home. They are so knowledgeable about the Lemon/Cowan Heights area. I wouldn't go anyone else to look for a home or list my home.

- Leanne Martin

You are more than generous, "Blatchford Group"! Laura & Ed, from my perspective, this was an excellent transaction and went so smooth it was scary. Your forms tracking guy was on it as was your escrow subsidiary. Professional and prompt.

Your individual assessments and direction proved spot on and was a big help (at least to me as a novice) in preparing the house to highlight it's assets.

If you ever need a recommendation, be sure to have them contact me. I don't give Yelp reviews but just might here.

- Rick Dinon

It has been a pleasure working with you and Ed.

Moreover, managing a pair of owners that are estranged required some serious sensitivity which you and Ed handled amazingly well.

- Joe

Dear Ed & Laura,

We just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for us during our quest to find our dream home. You both have been extremely kind and professional through it all. Chad and I have the utmost respect and admiration for you both. Thank you again!

P.S. We will be sure to refer friends & family your way!

- Chad & Erin

We met Ed at an open house in North Tustin and besides his cordial demeanor, it was apparent he was a skilled Open House host too. He made time to not only talk with my wife and me but also the 2 or 3 other couples visiting the house at that time. Had I been the home owner selling the home, I would have been very pleased with Ed's warmth and attentiveness to all my prospective buyers. Ed has a natural gift for engaging people with questions to learn about their tastes and likes. In short order he determined the house we were in would probably not be the best house for us so he called his wife, Laura and with very short notice were able to show us another home down the street. Although that was not the right home either, we were getting warmer.

It also became evident that the Ed is an expert in the area of North Tustin and really KNEW all the homes and nuances in the area. Eventually we would come to appreciate how the Blatchford Team's "local knowledge" is really what won our house for us. We learned that finding a house on line is the easy part but the process that ensues can be tricky and fraught with multiple negotiations that can easily unravel if not handled skillfully. Fortunately, Ed was able to guide us through these challenges too.

When all was said and done, we thought we were just buying a house but instead we got a new home, a new neighbor and a new friend in Ed Blatchford.

- Adam

I started looking for a house in the North Tustin area back in March 2015. Ed was the first agent I met in that area at his own listing. He showed me the house asked what I was looking for and immediately made calls to get me into another listing that suited what I was looking for. Laura Blatchford took me to the other house and I really liked it . As time went on Ed presented me with many options and ultimately helped me get into to see the house I was really interested in, the house was on and off the market weekly, It took awhile and with a lot of patience and guidance Ed helped my family procure the house we really wanted.

The Blatchford Group is persistent and goal oriented and they get the job done.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ed to complete the sale of my home in North Tustin. The timing of the sale could not have been worse, due to the unforeseen depth of the recession. I had listed the home for a year with almost no activity except a few outrageous bottom fishing offers and was terribly discouraged and somewhat desperate. I was referred by a friend to Ed whom I retained to sell the home. He was clearly different from the previous agents I had worked with. He somehow got not one but two parties interested in the home and we closed in less than three months after hiring Ed. He did not paint unrealistic pictures to us like the previous agents. He did everything he told us he would, and although I was unable to capture the price I had hoped for, I do know that he really did create a miracle under those market conditions. I will continue to use Ed in the future and highly recommend him to any buyer or seller who needs less talk, more action and positive results from their realtor.

We hired Laura and Ed Blatchford for our move to California from NY, based upon the recommendation of a respected friend. From the very beginning, we could tell we made the right decision In choosing to work with them. As a Real Estate Broker/Owner in another market (NY City area), I'm sure I was a demanding client, but their service always went beyond my expectations. Laura and Ed treated us professionally, with utmost care, took every one of our many needs Into consideration, and showed us properties that fit the bill entirely. The tremendous knowledge they had of their markets, their straight forwardness, and ease of communication, was essential for us to be able to be chosen, In a multi-offer situation, for the wonderful house we ended up purchasing. As many real estate transactions go, but particularly ours (which was a very complicated short sale), the ride from escrow to closing was an extremely bumpy mad. Every challenge we came across was taken head-on by the Blatchfords quickly and professionally. The advice we were given was always impeccable. We feel it was their knowledge, negotiation skills, and combined experience that got us through to the closing at all. We walked out of the closing knowing that we had acquired a beautiful home for an excellent price, and were to grateful to have had them in our corner. We also had the bonus expetience of feeling that everyone Involved in the transaction, on both sides, came away from the closing completely happy.

My husband and I could not have a higher regard for Ed and Laura Blatchford's professionalism, but also think they are wonderful people, and are glad to now be their neighbors. We recommend them highly.

- Sabrina & Daniel Feldman

I would like to tell you about my recent wonderful experience purchasing an absolutely gorgeous home In Santa Ana with the help of Laura and Edward Blatchford. As a single, first time buyer looking to jump in to the Orange County housing market in early 2013 the road ahead appeared daunting if not outright frightening. Horror stories of it being a seller's market, record low inventories, stiff competition with multiple offers well above the asking price and the inevitable rise of interest rates were enough to give this normally easy going guy a stress diet like I have never before experienced.

Fortunately one of the best decisions I feel that I have ever made was to enlist the help of my friends Laura and Ed to help me find the right home and navigate the almost surreal array of obstacles which the process presents. Their knowledge of the neighborhood and strong working relationships with other Realtors in the area really opened up some doors. From square one they made me feel like family and really took the time to better know me and what my specific needs were. As a first time buyer I had many misconceptions and Ed and Laura each and collectively have a gift for patiently Insulting and clarifying those instances which I will be forever grateful. There Is no greater boost to one's confidence In the face of adversity than knowing that someone who is really good at what they do has got your back.

The process was a challenge but I am now the proud and happy owner of an absolutely gorgeous turnkey vintage craftsman bungalow in a wonderful neighborhood. The home has even/ feature I was looking for and so much more. Safe to say my expectations were completely exceeded. I would definitely recommend the Blatchfords particularly to a first time buyer. Thank you Ed and Laural!

- Andy Griffin

Edward & Laura,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts in helping we buy 521 Mc Clay. Has it been 3 weeks since I first stepped into that lovely grey lady as the owner? Wow it's been a blur and what an amazing journey it has been! It is quite literally a dream that has come true and I am getting a little emotional as I write this. You guys are simply awesome. This whole process has been like nothing that I have ever experienced before with all the ups and downs and obstacles and for me it kind of channels in its own way those big period epics like "Braveheart" only this time the hero lives to remember to put out the barrels on Fridays.

As I mention in my letter of rec. there is no better boost to one's confidence in the face of daunting adversity than knowing that someone who is really good at what they do has got your back and you both certainly provided that. As a single guy I really appreciated having the second opinion that would usually come from the better half even if it was different from my own at the time. I guess that is known as teamwork. Ed thank you for providing a voice of reason and really perceiving how much I really loved the place and urging me to be patient when I needed to be patient and step up when I needed to step up. Laura thank you for being the analytical voice of reason when we encountered the issues with the credit union, you two make a very formidable team. Thank you both for the peace of mind knowing that throughout the process my Realtors would be one thing I would not have to stress over.

After 3 weeks I still get goose bumps each time I drive up to the place and as I walk around and am still shaking my head in disbelief as to how utterly gorgeous the home is. Needless to say my expectations were completely exceeded. I am moving in little by little and should have it all in by the end of the month. Once I get some furniture I would love to have Team Blatchford come by for some chillin' and griffin'. In the mean time I would love to take you all out some night for pizza down at Round Table. So let's stay in touch and talk a little more about marching band.

Thanks again.

Dear Ed,

I would like to personally thank you for the excellent job you did in selling my Aunt's home in August of 2013. It was a totally amazing feat of working together with the seller and the reahor to sell her home in four days and place her in an assisted living facility in the same amount of time. This was not an easy sell, as you found her house was full of termites, some wood-rot on the exterior and the roof needed some minor repair upon inspection. You handled all aspects of the repairs which included having the home tented for termite repair, replacing the wood-rot on the exterior of the home and having it painted and having the roof repaired around existing skylights.

The buyer had also agreed to purchase all items in the home. He later backed out and we accomplished this task of totally cleaning her house in one day. With us living 2,000 miles away from Santa Ana, CA and having limited time, it really was amazing that you could have the sale run so smoothly from the listing to closing mainly because of your expertise and your assistance to every detail and always being available to answer all our calls and questions.

Again, thank you, Ed. You are quite a guy!

- Michael Melton


Nils and I wanted to thank you and Laura for the excellent service you provided us in the sale of our home. We knew that the style home we had would require the "right" buyer and you both did what was necessary to bring in that buyer. From the original meeting and your knowledge of the local market, to the glossy fliers, internal site and open houses, you wasted no time working on making our home's information available to anyone who might have been looking. In addition, your assistance was invaluable during the escrow.

It may have been that the moon, sun and atom were in correct alignment that was the reason our home sold so quickly or (as we firmly believe) that choosing you, Laura as our agent was the most influential and correct action we took.

Thank you, again, for all of your efforts and staying in contact after the sale.

- Francine Martinson

Dear Ed & Laura,

It is said that during tough times it is that which doesn't kill you, which will make you stronger.

The experience of selling our home in this "crazy" down market initially seemed as though it may kill us. When we decided to change real estate companies and go with Team Blatchford things immediately changed.

Your knowledge of the current market conditions paired with you professionalism was a instant hit with us. We also appreciated how much you loved our home and how excited you were to market it for us.

Our home went from one year of a few showings, to very busy open houses and numerous showings throughout the weeks. We had so much exposure, it was truly amazing. And because of you we had multiple offers and the house was said within the first three months of the listing.

Although it was a difficult time for us, you guys never took your eyes off the ball and you never let us get discouraged, Your upbeat and bright outlook on things was much needed and I know Mike and I came to depend on you a lot.

We want to thank you form the bottom of our hearts and we know that the words thanks will never fully tell just how much we appreciate all you did for us. We feel as though we have gained a life long realtor, as well as some very wonderful friends.

Again, without you I don't know where we would be today and you were a true blessing to us in every way

- Mike & Carm McDonald

Dear Ed & Laura,

Khalid and I want to thank you for everything you did for us not only during the sale of our property but also the buying process.

We appreciated that you listened to our needs both as sellers and buyers. The real-time communication and attention to detail made the lending and escrow course go smoothly for both transactions. We knew exactly what was happening each step of the way and that knowledge certainly contributed to our peace of mind.

Not only did you manage to sell our property in record time (less than 30 daysl) in this economy but you led us to the house of our dreams through your diligent searching and networking. We were very happy with your enthusiastic and optimistic attitude at all times and the aggressive, professional approach you exhibited is what made it all happen perfectly.

We really enjoyed our "weekends together" and will happily have you to our new home once we're settled. If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to call on us. I will certainly pass your information along to anyone I know who is looking for a top-notch team.

- Khalid & Terri Othman

Dear Ed,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I congratulate you for your outstanding performance during the past quarter. Your achievements have earned you a place among NRT's top 1,000 sales associates for the quarter, which means you are among the top 2.0 percent in the company. Combined with your connection to NRT, the nation's No. 1 real estate brokerage in the nation, this honor means you are truly one of the best in the industry.

Given the unprecedented and daunting challenges we have been facing this year, your achievements are even more impressive. I cannot express how much your commitment and dedication to the company mean to me, especially dining this market cycle. Suffice it to say, I am immensely proud to have you as part of the NRT family and I wish you all the best in your future successes. Once again, congratulations!

- Bruce Zipf

Hi Ed,

Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done thus far. When you choose a realtor off the internet, you never know what you’re going to get! We’ve really enjoyed working with you and are excited about this house that we’ve been searching for for a very long time. Thanks for your negotiations with Nancy Martin yesterday. Needless to say, we are thrilled!

Also a thank you to your wife Laura for calling me when I was trying to reach you to let me know that you were aware of what was happening and would call as soon as you could.

If you two are any indication of the type of people we’ll meet in North Tustin, we will be very happy.

- Laura

Dear Ed,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service during the recent sale of my home. Your recommendations regarding the marketing of my home and the suggested listing price resulted in multiple offers to purchase my home shortly after the home was placed on the market. I was pleased to accept one of those offers at the highest price paid to date in my area for my particular floorplan.

Your professionalism both during the listing, marketing and eventual escrow process was greatly appreciated. Knowing that you were handling the details of my transaction allowed me to focus on my next priority of relocating.

Once again, thank you for representing me in the sale of my home.

- Deborah Thacker